Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shadow Cherry/シャドウチェリー

"Shadow Cherry"  
(see toys below) 

Inverted color

Man without pants, hiding "stuff" behind palm frond.

Twisted plaster coils and shapes

Woman's Straw Hat

Woman in Straw Hat, Black Pug Dog
Country Club Plaza, Sacramento, California

Cherry, Whipped Cream

Very large glowing sphere sculpture

Large spiral sculpture before painting

Orange slices in a blue dish

Four Peaches

Mosaic Panel 

Orange tree

Lush Spring Meadow in California

Copper Monument

Plaster vase and wall hangings, cartooned
If you say: "I don't give a rat's ass" one more time, I'm going to ask Thor to smite you again!

Camel Moon Mosaic (detail)

Farrell Hamann Fine Art


Plaster Sculpture

 Detail image of latex rubber mold for making 12 1/2 marble spiral toy

 Wood carving/sculpture from Kenya. Collection of Farrell Hamann
You are welcome to use this image if you donate to any food bank.

The world record for spitting cherry pits is 95 ft. 6 1/2 inches.
If you need cherry pits in large amounts, go HERE  The can be used to stuff bean bags, dolls or for hot or cold packs. I have no financial interest.  Cherry pits are cleaned and dried and they are from Traverse City, Michigan. The Cherry capitol of the world.  
 チェリーピットを吐きの世界記録は95フィート6 1/2インチです。


Video below: Elmer's Secret Weapon Number 2 (very short comedy #turd #rifle) See all my videos at my YouTube Channel: farrellhamann. I'm @farrellhamann on Twitter
 下のビデオ:エルマーの秘密兵器2号(非常に短い喜劇#糞#ライフル)私のYouTubeチャンネルですべての私のビデオを参照してください。farrellhamannはTwitter上で@ farrellhamann


Part of the ten building "Castle Village Set"
10ビル "城の村のセット"の一部
California Poppies in Sacramento

Bower Vine flowers growing on a hibiscus

Dandelion flowers

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